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Reasons and Risks for tanning bed

Most of the time we can think of it as just bulb

 lights, lotion and goggles and we're out in a few minutes.

And one of the most common mistakes people may think is that the effects of tanning beds only show after a long period of time but it has become more common for girls who use these beds in their late 20’s to get certain spots surgically removed from their face.

You may not fully know the capacity of what your skin can handle when it comes to the bulbs in the tanning beds. When I was 18 I was recommended to try the bed with "new bulbs"  and was only in for 20 minutes but I burned so bad I couldn’t bend my knees for 3 days. 

I literally felt like my whole body was chapped and burning, and that was the last time I used it

I had been tanning in the tanning beds so it wasn’t my first time.

But I also got a dose of how intense and dangerous this is for my skin.

The feel of my skin started to change too, Its started to feel rough; And it already was not what I wanted it to look like which is why I wanted a tan in the first place.

Isn’t the whole point of a tan to make you look good and feel good?

A question I have asked myself and many others, "is it harder to feel good about yourself in your youth with occasional pale skin or is it harder in your aging years to cope with leathery skin and bad health?"

Especially when you’re maybe jumping on the dating scene or getting active with your kids, or staying alive as long as you can to be with grand kids

I’m not going to name any diseases that are caused by these beds but I’m sure if you googled it you would come across doctors research.

Tanning the skin with airbrushing formula is not perfect but it’s most definitely a safer known option.

And when it comes to price Comparison  

from personal experience along with anyone who I have ever talked to who has used them have said One tanning bed session typically won’t get you the desired color or even close to it,

So maybe after 3 or 4 you might get a tan but because of how our skin naturally exfoliates every 7-12 days, you're tan starts to fade back to its natural skin color again

Because naturally with sun, bed or tan your body will be shedding that tan off no matter what.

So the cost will equivalate or come super close to a full body airbrushed tanning session with me in price. Plus I cut out all the inconveniences and come to you.

And with an airbrushed tan you avoid all that splotchy redness you get from the bed or sun and instead are complimented with nice silky skin to go along with a beautiful head to toe glow that makes every girl and guy smile.

Hope you found this a bit useful. Even though I am bias I have found enough research as well as have had enough personal experience to know which one I personally see makes most sense.

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