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Our Services

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Same day cancellations result in a 60%

charge of service cost. Onsite cancellations or a no show where the client cancels when the

specialist has arrived to the designated location results in a 100% charge of the service cost.

You will need a party of 3 or more when scheduling an appointment with a distance that is

outside of a 25 mile radius.

(Price varies based on mileage for all Tans outside of ocean city)

We also have SPECIALS for AIRBRUSH PARTIES - When you host a party with 5 to 7 people receiving full body airbrush tans the host gets their tan for $65.00 and the option for the party to receive the Luxury Tan Option for the price of $95 per person

BRIDAL TANNING PARTIES include party favors with an option to have beverages - $TBD

The Instant Tan      K.T.C.

$105.00 Scheduled Session

Need your Tan to be ready by the evening of The day you receive your Tan, You will still need to shower (water only)

in 7- 8 hours but Tan will be set once its applied, and you will be ready for your event that evening.


me tan.PNG

The Tailored Tan      K.T.C.

$85.00 Scheduled Session 

-Tan Tailored to your skin type

-Tan Tailored to your preference

-Tint Formula Available 

*Option to receive 2 Courtesy Sensitive Hygiene wipes

*Must Request when scheduling

large wed pic.PNG

The Express Tan

$75.00 Scheduled Session

-Results show the following day

- Bronzer (color) is applied on you when you receive the Tan

-The tan is recommended to be washed off anytime between 30 min and 5 hours

 The longer you leave it on the darker you get.

Your Tan will take a full day to set.




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