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Winter Love

Warm Yourself up with a Ktans Tan

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We Welcome Your Welcome! We Come to You

Enjoy A Faster and Healthier way to Tan

Receive a nice clean tan from start to finish in the comfort of your own home!

KTans offers options of Organic and Nut allergen free ingredients in the formulas.

**Pre Tan instructions.

-Make sure to exfoliate your skin the day before your airbrush tanning appointment. (Shave, loofah, etc)


-All manicures, pedicures, and waxing must be done before the day of the airbrush tanning appointment.

-If showering the day of the airbrush appointment, please shower a minimum of 4 hours before your appointment.

-Apply lotion to the skin the night before your airbrush tanning appointment, to keep skin hydrated. 

-Use oil-free products not just on the day of your tan appointment, but while you are tan. Oil is an exfoliant

-Please remember to wear loose-fitted clothing to your appointment. **Nothing white & Nothing tight**

**Post Tan instructions.

****DO's -

-Only shower with water during your first shower. (no Soap no shampoo no face wash)

-MAKE SURE THE WATER IS CLEAR going down the drain, before leaving the shower.

- Drinking water helps the skin stay hydrated, and helps reduce dry skin.

-DO put on a thin layer of OIL FREE lotion to moisturize after your second shower. REMEMBER TO BE OIL FREE

-It is Recommended to avoid sweaty workouts for the first 24 hours you have your tan.

-Wear loose-fitting clothing before your first shower.

***DONT'S -

-DO NOT wear white or any clothing you care about before your first shower. **Nothing white & Nothing tight**

-Please note that exfoliating and shaving, and soaking in a tub while tan will make tan fade faster.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

--The Tan will Last anywhere between 7+days depending on how well you take care of it and your Unique

and natural exfoliating process.

--The sunless tanning solution used in your session will not act as a sunscreen.

--Depending on the Formula Used, Certain Tans will take up about 12 plus hours after your appointment, to fully set. 

--Yes it is okay to Tan on the beach before your airbrush session. This is called a cocktail

--Please Consider booking your session 1-2 weeks in advance for any special occasions

--We recommend booking your session within 3 days before a special occasion.

--Do not put any lotions or makeup on your face before your first shower.

--Yes Airbrush is another name for "Spray Tan/ Spray Tanning".

--Yes we come to your hotel/home/ friends house/ in-laws/ tradeshows/ wedding rehearsal/

Bachelorette Party/ cheerleading competition/ Gym/ Birthday / Party, just about anywhere! We come to you!


Must be 18 years or older to receive an airbrush tan from KTans.

**17 and younger guardian must be present during the session. If there is no guardian then the appointment will be cancelled.

Check back to our website to view our specials!!

***View some of our before and afters on Instagram and Facebook** @KTansAirbrush

Looking forward to meeting you!

The Sweet Tease / Tint

Sweet Tease A.K.A *The Tint*  is a Tailored Tan Option. 

The The Sweet Tease solution is for those who want a light

sun kissed look. Great for all skin tones.

*Must Request*


*Taylored*  Express Tan solution is a mix of solutions tailored to your skin type and a shade. This can also be controlled by the customer when they decide to shower. The longer it is left on, the darker you will be. 

The Deeper Tans

*Must Request* DARK Tailored Tan Option 

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